The diverse team of Golden Palmier has gathered industry proficiency into a collection of developing software systems, producing industrial devices, and supplying raw materials. We would respond to the challenges that F&B industry customers face daily and would update our services and solutions all the time.

Golden Palmier provides you with a Modern, simple, and absolute solution to any aspect of inquiries in the Food and Beverage industry. We are committed to our suppliers and customers to be a partner for the growth of products. Therefore, Golden Palmier will offer you eminent options if you look for the best way to enhance your spot in the F&B industry.

Production Machinery

The changing pace in the F&B industry is faster than ever. To compete, the F&B manufacturers need to upgrade their products according to the last changes in the market and customers’ tastes. Having qualified and updated products are almost impossible without modern and advanced facilities. Golden Palmier helps you to access experienced consultants in the F&B industry.

We provide you with many options in food machinery to purchase regarding your market strategies in the F&B industry. Also, we offer you the best packing machines for your production line. Besides, we support you meantime installing the machines, because achieving maximum value from production operations depends on choosing the right technology, and this is precisely what Golden Palmier expertise.
the various lines we have in the pipeline are as follows:
Fenco Italy/ Fruit juice concentrate and puree line -CTI Italy/ Manufacturer of dicing machine for peach and apricot -Bucher Switzerland/ Manufacturer of fruit juice concentrate -SIPA Italy/ manufacturer of PET bottle injection line for beverage

With regards to services on sale of machineries, we are basically sourcing food manufacturing and packaging equipment for our clients who do not have the enough expertise to select manufacturing lines. We obtain all the needs from a client, we define their capacities and their product target specifications, range, variety and packaging, we then submit this to the best suppliers of such lines, we obtain an offer for the requested line and submit it to our client. Once the client accepts the scope and the general offer, we do the price negotiation and the fine tuning of the offer for the client. We then resubmit the final proforma invoice to the client on our company invoice. Client then pays us and we pay the manufacturer.
Golden Palmier contracts out the expertise on the technical selection of the lines to various partners in Dubai and Turkey. Due to the agreements, it has fixed and separate cost and is unrelated to the value of the machineries

Marketing Services

Golden Palmier It has experience in developing sales and marketing software for food and beverage distribution companies and thanks to its experts in India and Dubai allows you have the best analysis and resolutions for managing the sales and marketing function via a simplified use of its customized software and platforms.

We customize specific software regarding your sales and marketing; so you can enjoy the experience of sales and marketing automation. Also, we provide you with a central online system accompanying portable programmed tools to manage your business team. Meanwhile, we organize your reporting system efficiently and according to your wishes.
Our software solution brings efficient ways for the sales team to perform daily order taking / sales tracking / store volume control / sales predictions / invoicing and collection in a more efficient way. Further their merchandising team using the same solution is now able to better control the visibility of their products on the shelves and the performance of their marketing and merchandising team on premises. Overall, our software solutions help your organization's digital transformation to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
Based on the contract, we charge an affordable fee from the customers and pay a fixed fee to the contractors based on that.

Raw Material Supply

Here at Golden Palmier, we consider the major principles of being available for the customers, offering reasonable prices, supplying high-quality raw materials, and responding to the comments and needs of customers, and we oblige ourselves to comply with them. Through the years of doing this business, we have been committed to covering a wide range of high-quality raw materials by customers’ inquiries. Consequently, we have been able to be the top choice of companies in the F&B industry. We elevate all spots such as proper marketing, systematic supplying, fair sales, and applied technology contemporary.

Here are the raw materials we provide:

  • Food acids
  • Gelling agents: Agar-Agar, Carrageenan, Pectin, Gelatin, Native and Modified starch
  • Cocoa powder
  • Coconut powder
  • Coffee Bean and Powder
  • Creamers and foams
  • Emulsifiers
  • Food Flavoring
  • Food coloring
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Fruit Puree
  • Fruit pulp and sacs
  • Margarine
  • Maltodextrin
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Egg white powder
  • Waxing oil
  • Food ingredients